Practicing yoga dates back to many many years ago. Back in time it was not just a method of teaching, it was a way of life. It was a certain lifestyle that surpassed meditation techniques and included good eating habits, bathing habits, social interaction and work. Since then yoga has been practiced all across the world and many people have reaped the benefits of it.

Reasons why yoga is so good for you

Improves your mood

Some yoga methods use specific techniques, which focus the mind on your breathing and allow you to feel relaxed. Practicing such techniques can also boost oxygen levels in your body, leaving you happier and more content with everyday life.

Boosts confidence

Aside from the uplifting spiritual values, the act of meditation can actually boost your confidence.The process works by releasing tension from your mind, so that you can feel confident about your physical body.

Lowers the risk of injury

Exercise such as running is usually a series of rapid, forceful movements, which means that effort is at maximum and there is a higher risk of damage and muscle tension. Such exercises also engage an imbalance of opposing muscle groups, whereas yoga concentrates on balancing this activity.

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Practice the art of yoga with Kanity. This DVD is specially developed to increase strength, flexibility, balance, posture and grace of movement, and create a more relaxed body and mind.

Includes 3 sequences designed for specific times of the day : a morning practice to awaken and energize your whole body with easy standing movements; Mid- day relief from desk and computer and a relaxing evening practice to help you unwind and sleep better.

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